Statistics seminar

  • The Statistics group of the Mathematical Institute meets weekly on Mondays, 13.00-13.45.
  • Due to the Corona virus, the seminar is held online for an indefinite time.

Past meetings


01-03-2021 | Marta Spreafico

Modelling longitudinal latent toxicity profiles evolution in osteosarcoma patients

Due to the presence of multiple types of adverse events with different extents of toxicity burden, studying the toxicity evolution during chemotherapy is a challenging problem in cancer research. Statistical methods able to deal with the complexity of chemotherapy data considering both the longitudinal and the categorical aspects of toxicity levels progression are necessary, still not well developed. We will discuss a Latent Transition Analysis (LTA) procedure to identify and reconstruct the longitudinal latent profiles of toxicity evolution over time for each patient. The latent variables determining the progression of the observed toxicity levels can be thought of as the outcomes of an underlying latent process which may reflect patients’ quality-of-life. Data from MRC-BO06/EORTC-80931 randomised controlled trial for osteosarcoma patients are analysed. This approach represents a novelty for osteosarcoma treatment, providing new insights for childhood cancer.

08-03-2021 | Thijs Bos

15-03-2020 | Aad van der Vaart

22-03-2021 | Valentina Masarotto