Statistics seminar

  • The Statistics group of the Mathematical Institute meets weekly on Mondays, 13.00-13.45.
  • Due to the Corona virus, the seminar is held online for an indefinite time.


30-03-2020 | Dirk van der Hoeven
Adaptive methods in online learning.

06-04-2020 | Elena Sellentin
20-04-2020 | Geerten Koers
11-05-2020 | Lasse Vuursteen
18-05-2020 | Bart Eggen
25-05-2020 | Laura Zwep
08-06-2020 | Maarten Kampert
15-06-2020 | Willem Heiser
22-06-2020 | Valentina Masarotto

Past meetings

02-03-2020 | Tim van Erven
The many faces of exponential weights in online learning.

24-02-2020 | Botond Szabó
Variational Bayes for high-dimensional linear regression with sparse priors.

17-02-2020 | Magnus Münch
Predicting drug sensitivity from cell lines informed by external data.

10-02-2020 | Aad van der Vaart
Tolerance regions.

03-02-2020 | Stefan Franssen
The Bernstein-Von Mises theorem for the Pitman-Yor process.

27-01-2020 | Amine Hadji
Distributed methods for Bayesian regression: contraction rate & uncertainty quantification.

20-01-2020 | Marta Fiocco
Marginal structural models with joint-exposure for counterfactual histological response.

13-01-2020 | Magnus Münch

09-12-2019 | Richard Gill
Lies, damned lies, and statistics. The case of Ben Geen. An English Lucia de B. New data, new insights.

02-12-2019 | Kevin Duisters
On frequentist coverage of Bayesian credible sets for estimation of the mean under constraints.

25-11-2019 | Peter Grünwald
Safe statistics.

18-11-2019 | Anja Rüten-Budde
Assessment of predictive accuracy of an intermittently observed binary time-dependent marker.

04-11-2019 | Thomas Nagler
Vine copula models – past, present, and future.

28-10-2019 | Jeanne Nguyen
CDRodeo: Greedy selection of multivariate bandwidths for kernel conditional density estimation.