Produces perspective or contour plots for a kdecopula object.

# S3 method for kdecopula
plot(x, type = "surface", margins, size, ...)

# S3 method for kdecopula
contour(x, margins = "norm", size = 100L, ...)



kdecopula object.


plot type; either "contour" or "surface" (partial matching is activated) for a contour or perspective/surface plot respectively.


"unif" for the original copula density, "norm" for the transformed density with standard normal margins, "exp" with standard exponential margins, and "flexp" with flipped exponential margins. Default is "norm" for type = "contour", and "unif" for type = "surface".


integer; the plot is based on values on a \(size x size\) grid; default is 100 for type = "contour", and 25 for type = "surface".

optional arguments passed to contour or wireframe.

See also

kdecop, contour, wireframe


## load data and transform with empirical cdf data(wdbc) udat <- apply(wdbc[, -1], 2, function(x) rank(x)/(length(x)+1)) ## estimation of copula density of variables 5 and 6 obj <- kdecop(udat[, 5:6]) ## plots plot(obj) # surface plot of copula density
contour(obj) # contour plot with standard normal margins
contour(obj, margins = "unif") # contour plot of copula density