Advanced statistical computing, Leiden University (Fall 2020)
Statistics for astronomy and physics students I, Leiden University (Fall 2020)
Statistics for astronomy and physics students II, Leiden University (Fall 2020)
Statistics for astronomy and physics students, Leiden University (Spring 2020)
Nonparametric statistical learning, TU Munich (Summer 2019)

Teaching assistant

Analysis for computer scientists, TU Munich (Winter 2018)
Stochastics for vocational school teachers, TU Munich (Summer 2018)
Computational statistics, TU Munich (Summer 2018)
Rank-based nonparametric statistics, TU Munich (Summer 2016)

Seminars for Master’s students

Functional data analysis, TU Munich (Summer 2017)
Mathematical introduction to neural networks, TU Munich (Winter 2016)
Nonparametric statistical methods, TU Munich (Summer 2016)

Supervision of MSc theses


I am currently supervising 3 MSc students (Lotte Pater, Abed Razaway, Jasper Eggeraat).


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